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Transparent Desktop Protective Film

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Transparent Desktop Protective Film

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Do You Want To Protect Your Table? There is A Good Choice, Transparent Furniture Protective Film !

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Do You Want To Protect Your Table? There is A Good Choice, Transparent Furniture Protective Film !

Good oil resistance, oily surface can be wiped off.
This product is PET material resistant to high temperature, the high temperature can reaches 260 centigrade.
The surface is smooth and shiny, the back has its own plastic, the real thing is two layers, and a layer of stickers is opened.
The main purpose of glass, furniture, electrical appliances, doors and window, tables and chairs, cabinets, cars, walls and other smooth surface to protect.

Interior Design & Decorating Services professionals use this Furniture Protective Film


Size  1:   39.3″ x 11.8″ (100x30cm)$10.99
Size  2:   39.3″ x 15.7″ (100x40cm)$19.99
Size  3:   39.3″ x 19.6″ (100x50cm)$24.99
Size  4:   20.0″ x 20.0″ (50x50cm)$18.99
Size  5:   20.0″ x 78.0″ (50x200cm)$29.99
Size  6:   20.0″ x 118″ (50x300cm)$34.99
Size  7:   40.0″ x 63.0″ (100x160cm)$41.99
Size  8:   60.0″ x 20.0″(152x50cm)$21.99
Size 9:  39.3″ x 78.7″(100x200cm)$54.99
Size 10:  59.8″ x 78.7″(152x200cm)$64.99
Size 11:  60.0″ x 118″ (152x300cm)$70.00
Size 12:  60.0″ x 200″ (152x500cm)$84.99
Size 13:  39.37″ x 118″ (100x300cm)$60.00

Package Includes:For a specific measure please Contact Us

1 x desktop protective film

Paste method:
Adhesive method: the wall must be smooth and smooth can not afford to paste the gray, the first wall with a dry towel to wipe it again (wipe the dust above), and then the back of the sticker at the end of the paper side of the tear, first affixed to the wall , And then the side of the paste (with the scraper in the sticker above the direction of scraping scraping stick) side of the tear the end of paper, do not put the water recommended 2 personal paste, it would be more convenient

1. imported PET material, comes with adhesive, affixed after the tear will not have residual adhesive
2. High temperature up to 180 degrees, instantaneous exposure to fire will not leave any traces
3. Colorless and transparent, the effect of thickness with the phone foil almost
4 waterproof anti-steam, not afraid of moisture

Service life
Product warranty for 5 years, can be stored for a long time without deterioration
For the kitchen is generally six months to one year for a time, depending on the specific use of personal requirements of old and new and take care of the situation

1. Do not use fire-resistant materials, not continuous exposure to fire
2. Can not clean the ball with a wire or a high hardness of the cleaning cloth, so as not to scratch the surface
3. This product is anti-oil, rather than oil, just wipe with a wet cloth with detergent, easy to take care of




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Size 1: 100cm X 30cm, Size 2: 100cm X 40cm, Size 3: 100cm X 50cm, Size 4: 50cm X 50cm, Size 5: 50cm X 200cm, Size 6: 50cm X 300cm, Size 7: 100cm X 160cm, Size 8: 152cm X 50cm, Size 9: 100cm X 200cm, Size 10: 152cm X 200cm, Size 11:  152cm X 300cm, Size 12: 152cm X 500cm, Size 13: 100cm X 300cm

6 reviews for Transparent Desktop Protective Film

  1. Jennifer

    Order this product after watching the video for a client. As an Interior Designer I was thrilled this could be something to offer many clients. Don’t waste your money!! It’s nothing like their advertisement. It’s a pain to install. Once installed it looks like a cheap, dirty film on the furniture. Even ruined a table when we removed it! I tried this on several different finishes to give the product a fair shot but every time it looked cheap. Think dollar store cell phone screen protector on your nice furniture. After all of that disappointment this company will not work with you for returns being after 30 days during Covid.

  2. Joan Knopp

    Excellent product.
    It’s a great product , however not wide enough for my table. Used it on several other pieces of furniture. Just would have liked wider option.

  3. Dana (verified owner)

    Very disappointed.
    1)it is very thin as a paper adhesive tape. 2)it doesn’t have any instruction. 3)Difficult to install. A lot of bubbles that I couldn’t get rid off. 4)Not true communication, received email says I received it but it was not true.Waste of money.

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    Bravo, seems to me, is a magnificent phrase

  5. Valerie A.

    Was looking for a while for good looking cover for a smaller table and that was it. Fits just expected and works well. Not as fancy looking as a glass cover would but also cost less and more practical considering it’s weight, pliability, and no noise when placing glass/ china objects. Very good product.

  6. Sam

    Must have plastic table cover for good protection
    I am very happy that I purchased this clear plastic table cover. I measured the size of the table and then ordered. It fits perfectly on my dining table. It’s about 1.5mm thick. Protect from scratch and high temperature heat damage. My kids do homework on the dining table. Before purchase the plastic table cover, I am always worry that kids will scratch the table, no worry at all. It’s easy too clean. Very Satisfied with the purchase.

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