Cancellation Policy

Canceling a order must be done over this link At that time, we will walk you through the cancellation process and close out your order.

Cancellation requests via email are also accepted but we strongly suggest the form, whenever possible, to assure your order is cancelled immediately to halt shipping.

Canceling an order before the product has shipped does not charge a cancellation fee on orders closed prior to shipping. We follow up each cancellation request with a revised invoice email stating that the order is closed for your records.

Because does not charge your account until the item is shipped, we will simply close out your order upon notification.

Canceling an order after the product has shipped

In the event an order is canceled after the package has already left the warehouse, the customer will be subject to reimburse for all fees incurred during the shipping and handling process. This will include the original shipping cost, the intercept fee from UPS, and treaded as a returned item.

Reinstating a canceled order Canceled orders can be reinstated at any time. Simply, contact a support at representative for assistance in reactivating your order.