ORANGIZ – Electric Double citrus press with orange cut

Transparent lid and cup Parts can be disassembled for easy cleaning Juices a wide range of citrus fruits Squeezes 6 oranges in 60 seconds Cut and squeezes with the closed cover Cut and squeeze in only one operation AC220-240V 50/60Hz 90W


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ORANGIZ – Electric Double & Fast Orange Juicer

Double squeezes electric juicer & juice collector Slices and double squeezes in only one operation

🍹In short, Get fresh fruit juice effortlessly and in seconds🍹
Fill up on vitamins for your days !!! Adopt this Electric Double Citrus Press, to easily and quickly prepare the best natural juices.

It can be a perfect gift to offer to a close restaurateur or simply passionate about cooking.

Get a freshly squeezed, tasty juice, with no food preservatives or additives, thanks to the easy-to-use double juicer from Delizius!

You can use it to make good fruity juices for you and your family.

🍊 Essential in your breakfasts 🍊

You will no longer have an excuse to always include orange juice in your breakfasts.

You will be able to extract all the good juice from oranges in a short time to enjoy good breakfasts.

You will help your body reduce stress and anxiety.
Innovate in your recipes and enjoy good fruity juices.

🍋 Hyper Practical and Super Efficient “Slice and press in a single operation” 🍋
With an integrated citrus cutter, this citrus juicer effortlessly slices your fruit and squeezes the 2 halves simultaneously

It features pressure activation technology, allowing you to squeeze your fruit by applying pressure and releasing it to stop the device.

This Orange Juicer has a double citrus press, a turbo-press with automatic fruit cutting and a Juice Tray with a capacity of 500 ml, the latter will fully satisfy you!

As it is equipped with a powerful 160 W electric motor which allows you to squeeze a whole orange in a single use “Slice the whole fruit and press the 2 halves simultaneously”.

🍊 Comfortable and removable “EASY TO CLEAN” 🍊
Very easy to use and maintain:
Note that this accessory is easy to clean and maintain on a daily basis.
This juicer is easy to assemble and disassemble for easy cleaning, not to mention that all of its non-electric parts are suitable for dishwashers.

It is faster, simpler and cleaner than conventional centrifuges.

🍋 Two Better Than a “Double Citrus Press Location” 🍋
Thanks to its double head, you will get twice as much fresh juice in a single gesture.
This machine helps you to shape freshly squeezed orange juice quickly and easily.

Double head juicer for faster and more efficient compression “you can cut and squeeze two halves in one operation”.

🍊 More oranges in less time and without any effort 🍊
The Delizius double juicer requires no effort “Cut effortlessly by lowering the lid”, and saves you considerable time!

Its ease and speed of use allow large quantities of fresh juice to be prepared in a short time.
This orange press 3×1, divides and crushes 2 oranges at the same time to save you time.

How to Use Your Orange Juicer?
The double citrus press is an extraordinary device. no need to cut your fruit in half, it does it for you. you are probably wondering how?
Well, it’s very simple, just place the fruit and close the lid

The fruit was squeezed directly in half just by lowering the lid with the integrated blade.

Half an orange for example on each head and the machine does the rest.
Once the lid is closed, cutting and juicer are done automatically and simultaneously.
Avoid incidents and cut safely using the plastic cutting knife.
Enjoy delicious juice prepared quickly with minimal effort.

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