Car Tray for Food Drink and Writing Laptop Work


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2 in 1 Car Steering Wheel Tray / Back Seat Headrest Tray for Eating Food Drink and Writing Laptop Work

This vehicle desk satisfies the requirement for a desk that allows us to work and eat while driving, especially one that can be quickly installed on the steering wheel and back of the seat and has storage. Please don’t use it while driving, out of safety.

This car table will make working and having lunch at the office and on the road much more enjoyable for drivers, travelers, and people who spend a lot of time in the car.

We give you an additional strap, much like a seat belt is put to the desk, to help the desk become more securely fastened to the back of the seat. Food, literature, and beverages can be placed on this table, but heavy objects cannot. This portable table can support 17 lbs.

This car desk may be mounted to any steering wheel, but it is only appropriate for vehicles with headrest seats. Your vehicle seat can only be used on the steering wheel if it lacks a headrest bar. This advice is essential.


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4 reviews for Car Tray for Food Drink and Writing Laptop Work

  1. Eduardo García

    Life Changer!
    I spend a lot of time in my car for work and bought this as a tray table to be more comfortable while using the tablet in the car. Its really nice that has a side tray for drinks and other things. I also use it while having lunch in my car and makes for a better experience. Its really sturdy and good quality material. I really recommend this. My only con is that it takes a lot of time to disassemble and reassemble and I use it a lot so I rather just keep it assembled and ready for every use.

  2. Doug B***

    The Desk Away From Home
    I was very skeptical of this item at first, but I finally purchased due to need, the price being low enough, and the reviews being high enough. I fully expected it to be fiddly or wiggly during use. I was wrong. My HP laptop fits the surface edge to edge like the tray was designed for it. I used it today for the first time about an hour and a half while waiting in the car; it is very sturdy and supported my typing with touchpad mousing very well. I could rest my hands on it to type and it didn’t give nor flex. It is not hard to adjust each time I open it. I only need to hook it to steering wheel, position it where I need it, and tighten the three knobs. The slide out tray seems sturdy for a mouse as well, but I couldn’t use it for forgetting my USB dongle. Pushing and pressing on the mouse tray didn’t unsettle the assembly. In my case, the steering wheel cover made the wheel (2007 Ford Edge) too fat to hold the hooks, but they were still able to hang onto the wheel just by the openings being wedged on. On a different car without the cover, the hooks work perfectly.

    I started out trying to use a lap desk, but it was too close to my body and too low. The steering wheel tray holds the keyboard higher and further to make typing much more comfortable, plus the screen easier to read.

    I would deduct half a star, if I could, only because if the steel frame is hooked to the second anchor point underneath, the assembly is not able to fold flat. The frame is about 5mm too short to let it fold completely. The second anchor point lets the surface be slightly lower and better for typing. As it is, I’m using it attached to the first anchor point (how it was shipped) comfortably well. I’d rather do that than pop the frame loose each time I store it.

  3. Matthew V***

    Does it’s job!
    I needed a cheap “desk” that I could throw on my steering wheel every so often when I was at job sites and then throw in the backseat when I was done with it. Lightweight and as cheap as the material seems, doesn’t seem like it will break easily. Overall pleased!

  4. John P**

    Perfect for in-car dining, even for a big guy
    This is the perfect solution for in-car dining, even for big guys like me.I’m about 275 pounds and was concerned this might not fit between me and the steering wheel. But since the height is easily adjustable, it fits just fine. The table is about at my sternum, which just shortens the distance food has to travel to get into my mouth! Check out the picture from our first use of the table. It was so nice not having to balance the fries on the console and hold my burger over my lap and stomach, which usually leads to stains all over my clothes.My only complaint is that this did not come with any instructions at all. Luckily, it was fairly easy to figure out looking at the pictures on the listing.

    Car Tray for Food Drink and Writing Laptop Work

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