Over The Toilet Bathroom Storage Cabinet


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About this item

Bathroom Space Saver

This freestanding space-saving unit can be placed right over the toilet and utilizes a wasted storage area over it. Our bathroom storage behind the toilet shelf fits over most standard toilets and could be easily moved into place behind your toilet

Sturdy & Durable

This wooden over toilet storage has a solid white covering that gives it a smooth, easy-to-clean finish for years of use with the proper care, and premium particle board construction adds its durability and stability. High toughness, difficult deformation, weight capacity up to 22lbs. Paint white finish, waterproof

Simple Modern Design

Over-the-toilet storage cabinet is designed with a beadboard back panel and clean finish that gives the bathroom a modern feel. The slim profile provides extra storage while saving plenty of bathroom space

Multi-functional and Practical

Designed with multiple adjustable shelves to allow storage of linens, toiletries, and bath essentials like soaps, shampoos, and body wash, the added top shelf area gives you a little extra place to set items other than just the bathroom sink top. You don’t have to bend over to get stuff under the sink anymore



This bathroom space-saver cabinet conveniently fits over your toilet and is designed with 4 cubby hole compartments and one long open shelves providing sufficient space for bathroom organization and storage.

Over toilet storage cabinet is designed with a bead board back panel and clean finish and high-quality hinges, door with silver knob makes thus bathroom cabinet storage more durable and stylish.

Premium particle board construction adds to its durability.

Easy to clean finish for years of use with the proper care.

Easy to assemble

All installation instructions and tools are included. Add the ultimate storage unit to your bathroom.

Measurements: Overall Sizes: 23 x 7.3 x 70.9″.


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Reviews (5)

5 reviews for Over The Toilet Bathroom Storage Cabinet

  1. Kendra C***

    Glad glad glad we got it.
    My notes on it are varied – sorry it’ll skip around a bit.

    I held onto this in the box until the return window was almost up – wasn’t sure if I actually wanted to keep it. I needed a shallow shelf to store guest towels on and that hopefully could enhance my general storage. I almost returned it and just got a cheaper basic rolled-towel towel rack since I wasn’t sure just how helpful it would actually be. Glad I didn’t.

    Price point: Great.

    Use: Great. I was able to strategically fold some bath towels to put out for guests – that was a main NEED for this item, and it WINS. General storage seems good, too, although I am probably going find some of the spaces awkward for really MAXIMIZING storage. Shallow depth was REQUIRED because it’s a tiny bathroom and you don’t have much entrance clearance – it’s a perfect depth. I didn’t need anyone clonking their head on a shelf in the middle of the night (crisis averted!).

    Construction process: I had some great fluffy helpers in the building process (as you can see). If you’re going to attach it to the wall, make sure to do so BEFORE you install the brace at the bottom as you’ll need to take it apart anyway to get it away from the wall to drill pilot holes. That process was easier than expected, though. I anticipated needing my husband’s help, but I did it all solo. The instructions looked a little intimidating (and I like putting together furniture), but as long as you go slowly and pay attention, you’re fine. Some corners weren’t quite aligning perfectly flush, but it’s fine all together. The screw covers were a BEAR to get on and my fingers are still sore. I didn’t bother putting them on the side closest to the wall; not worth the hassle.

    Looks: Nice. Modern and versatile enough. Luckily my installed vanity cabinets are white and have similar knobs. I just don’t quite understand the need for the “slate” shelf (although I don’t hate it). The curving at the top doesn’t quite fit with the overall look of the piece to me, but I guess I prefer it to a cheap-looking harsh corner. Speaking of cheap, it’s clearly particle-board and EVERY SINGLE edge is worn. The front edge of the “slate” shelf was also dinged a bit, but for the price point I can’t care too much. Still, I look forward to styling it – I have a lot of space I’m not sure what to do with yet, but it will probably hold a shower-loving plant, a box/basket or two for some more closed/hidden storage, and maybe a diffuser. Fun! (I “staged” it for a photo but that is NOT what will be there long-term). I had to install it off-center because of light switch placement, but thankfully it *just* fit (yay for measuring), and it doesn’t look too bad off-center.

    Long and the short of it – good buy, although not an heirloom piece. And now my husband wants to get one for our other bathroom!

    Over The Toilet Bathroom Storage Cabinet
    Over The Toilet Bathroom Storage Cabinet
    Over The Toilet Bathroom Storage Cabinet
  2. Kelly H**

    Perfect for Small Apartments

    This took me 1.5 hours to 2 hours to build. The instructions were very easy to follow, all the parts and pieces were included, and the unit was light enough that I could move it into place by myself (even with severe back pain).

    The unit fit perfectly in it’s place, is large enough to accommodate all I intended it to store and it keeps what we need close and organized. Since we live in a small apartment, it was hard to find ways to keep it neat without burning through the precious little floor space available.

    I can’t imagine this would have been easier to put together if you have someone helping you since it’s small enough you’ll end up bumping elbows if you tried.

    A year-and-a-half later, I’m writing an updated review.

    I still really like the cabinet just because of the way it was designed. You get what you paid for, but I still wish that at least the bottom part of the cabinet was made of solid wood. This unit is intended to be used in a bathroom, so I do not understand why it came apart after such a short period of time, just because of the humidity.

    Ultimately, the unit was destroyed thanks to my upstairs neighbor having his water heater explode. All that water came pouring down the walls and destroyed the leg support of the unit. A friend of mine cut off the legs at the bottom part of the decorative finish.

    He ended up screwing the top part of the unit directly into the wall in his own bathroom because I didn’t want it anymore after the disaster the flood left behind. I intended to replace the unit at a later point in time, but I have every intention of painting it over with marine varnish as an attempt to keep out the moisture. I’m also going to be setting up the unit more than likely on a set of casters and then bracing it to the wall with an L-shaped bracket. I intend to make sure that the unit is no closer than 1 inch to the wall so that moisture doesn’t get trapped behind it as easily. With these precautions hopefully the unit will last a lot longer this time.

    I decided to take one star off of my rating because it is not a durable piece of furniture, even when you use the bathroom fan, keep water off of it, and open the door to allow circulation of fresh air after the shower is done. I expected this unit would last at least 3 years before normal wear and tear would destroy it.

    Over The Toilet Bathroom Storage Cabinet
  3. Frankie T**

    Great for a small bathroom
    I’m happy with my etagere. Built it myself slowly and carefully. It is a big job to put together, but the instructions are clearly written–you just have to follow them. I tried to stand it up by myself (I’m senior petite lady) and dropped what was perfectly tight and square. The fall loosened some screws and no amount of tightening restored my earlier success. But with very necessary help, it now stands securely anchored over the toilet, and provides attractive and tidy space for make-up and toiletries.

  4. Kaleigh B**

    Nice piece! Please read review for best outcome!

    I know this product has gotten bad reviews, but I disagree. I’m giving this product five stars not because it is the best around town, BUT because it’s definitely worth what you pay for it. It’s a pretty piece and doesn’t really look cheap as some people said. And believe me! I’m a perfectionist. I agree that it takes a good amount of time to put together, but it did not require two people. If you rush this sort of thing you WILL rip, chip or tear the wood. Work slow and steady for a beautiful outcome!!! If you feel frustrated don’t work on it. But here is a list of things I don’t agree with some people on.

    The people who said it came to the chipped or broken I would advise sending it back and receiving a new one. Mine had no damage and was very well packed.

    Some people said they didn’t have all the pieces, this personally was not an issue. All pieces were present.

    Some people said that the wood was cheap and warped easily. My advice to avoid this issue would be not to put anything wet on it! And keep the vent on while showering to avoid too much steam. Of course it will warp if you don’t use caution! It’s cheap wood! If you be careful it will last much longer.

    The size was exactly as expected, make sure to check the demensions before purchasing anything you buy.

    As far as it being flimsy that’s why they provide braces for you to bolt it to the wall!!! Anything you get that is top heavy(especially ANY over the toilet storage like this) will be flimsy if not properly bolted to the wall for safety.

    I will add a photo now of it and again after I finish re doing my bathroom. I decided to go with a black, white and gray theme since it has a grayish color to the last shelf. I plan on adding a monogram to the cabinet door and putting a make up organizer on top and a few more cute decorations on the small shelf. I used glass jars from target for my lotions and oils on the bottom shelf for easy access and so it would look more decorative. I like it. Once you dress it up a little, it is a beautiful piece for what you pay. Again! Not too notch but serves its purpose and it’s cute.

  5. Renee L**

    Looks good
    Good for what you pay for. Back piece hard to line up.

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