Portable Electric Juicer


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Portable Electric Juicer

Portable Blender Bottle Electric Orange Juicer Wireless Fresh Juice Extractors Mixer Smoothie Citrus Squeezer Bullet Blender

Connect the magnetic charging stand to a standard USB port with a DC5V/1A output and align the product with the contacts to begin charging. While charging, the white indicator light flashes, and then turns off once the battery is fully charged. The product cannot be started while it is charging.

Three-dimensional crushing:

The food-grade electrolysis technology SUS304 stainless steel four-page cutter head is durable and has a great stirring ability, allowing the pulp to be quickly crushed without losing dietary fiber, and the taste is delicate and smooth.

Humanized design:

If the fuselage is split, it cannot be started, assuring safe operation. After the juice has been squeezed, unscrew the cap of the tiny bottle without unscrewing the larger body to drink it.

Lightweight and portable:

The small size of 82x218mm/3.23×8.58inch makes it easy to carry around and drink fresh juice anywhere.

Capacity: 350ml

Size: Approx. 82x218mm/3.23×8.58inch

Battery Voltage: 7.4v-1400mah

Rated Power: 50W



Here are some first-time tips that we hope will help you:

1. When you receive the machine, charge it for 3-5 hours first. Note that when charging is normal, the light on the charger lights up like breathing. When fully charged, the indicator light stays on. If the light is not on, the charger may not be making good contact with the bottle.

2. Please clean the bottle after fully charged, put the cut fruit into the bottle, adds an appropriate amount of water or milk according to the amount of fruit, then tightens the bottle lid and base, double-click the button at the bottom to turn on the machine. If you find that the machine cannot be turned on and the button flashes red, it means that the bottle lid or base is not tightened, please tighten it and try again.

3. Press the button once you can stop the machine. Please apply force evenly when pressing the button, so as not to collapse the button. If the button collapses, try pressing it multiple times in different positions to restore it. 

4. The charger of the juicer is a magnetic charger, please make sure that the magnetic suction points are completely matched, otherwise it will not be charged. It normally needs to be charged for 3-5 hours, if the charging time is too short, the usage time will be shortened.

5.  If you find that any part is missing, or the part is damaged in transit, please contact us in time.

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