Titan Trash Can Compactor with Odor Filter


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Joseph Joseph Intelligent Waste Titan Trash Can Compactor with Odor Filter, Holds Up to 90L After Compaction, Stainless Steel, 30L

Titan is not your typical garbage unit. After compaction, it can reduce trash volume by 66% thanks to a proprietary, hygienic compaction method. Titan compacts your waste so that it requires less frequent emptying, which lowers the number of liners you need to use and the frequency of trash pickup.

For any offensive odors, Titan has a changeable carbon odor filter and a fingerprint-resistant stainless steel finish.

Titan is clean and clutter-free. Only the interior of the plastic bag actually contacts the garbage during the compacting process, leaving you with clean hands and a clean bin.

Titan is designed to endure. Its foot pedal and compaction mechanism have undergone over 100,000 tests and are designed to last for many years of use. We offer a 10-year warranty against manufacturing flaws on Titan because we are so sure of its enduring quality.

The trash bag won’t stretch or be pinched by Titan’s anti-tear construction. For added piece of mind, we provide IW4 custom-fit liners that are extra-strong. Additionally, it works with regular plastic trash bags. The useful lid-stay function allows quick and hassle-free liner changes, and it also has a handle on the back to facilitate moving.

Integrated odor filter

Titan features an integrated odor filter compartment inside its lid, which holds replaceable carbon filters, available for purchase.

Hygienic & mess-free

Titan’s patented design ensures only the inside of the trash bag touches the trash while compacting, leaving you with clean hands and a clean bin.


Won’t tear your liners

Titan’s anti-tear design won’t stretch or pinch the liner. Titan is compatible with standard trash bags, but custom-fit liners are also available.


Dimensions of Titan unit with lid closed (inches): 15.4 L x 13.5 W x 26.9 H


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