10 Easy and Adorable Cookie Carving


Although this year’s holiday celebrations may be different, we can still keep our spirit alive by decorating the house, sitting by the fireplace, watching classic holiday movies, skiing or snowboarding, and especially baking! According to Networx in an article entitled “Which household chores consume the most calories?” They say that you actually burn calories when you bake, but the same old cookie may not be enough to revitalize what happened this year, so here are ten creative but straightforward plastic surgery tips that can take your cookie to a new level.

1- Triple Swirl Cookie

Some of these hackers seem to be simple, and we don’t know how we solved them before. For example, like the first dough, all you have to do is to knead three types of dough into individual balls. Then, all you have to do is take a plate (in the video, they use transparent heat-resistant glass), and push it down and rotate it together.

2- Pasta Petals

To make the decoration and floral fragrance more prominent, you can use other foods placed in the cabinet. All you need is some pasta and some cookie dough! Gently press the macaroni into the dough over and over again to create the desired pattern.


3- Geometric Cookie

For cookies of this geometry, all the design requires is a cooling rack! After the dough is spread out and cut into the desired shape, it is cooled and pressed into the cookies. Rotate the cooling rack, and repeatedly press for each new rotation, and geometric shapes will begin to form in front of your eyes.

4- Biscuit Blossom

For this simple technique, all you have to do is knead the dough into small balls. Arrange them into the desired flower shape, and then take a toothpick. Gently press the toothpick into the middle of the dough ball, and biscuit flowers begin to appear.

5- Crochet Cookie

Here, we have another simple trick to use tools or food in your house every day. For this, all you need is a peanut butter lid. Rotate the lid and roll the dough vertically up and down. When you are done, use the lid to cut into small cookies, and voila, you will get crocheted cookies!


6- Leaf Cookie

For this design technique, all you need from the kitchen is a fork. Gently press the fork diagonally into the dough to give it a leafy texture. Then, to get the final touch, turn the fork over and press the long side into the middle of the cookie.

7- Checkerboard Cookie

The board may seem tedious at first, but again it is effortless. All you need to do is to make the dough into a ball. In the example shown above, they used nine dough rolls stacked on top of each other. After kneading the dough into a ball, start to chop it to create a checkerboard-shaped cookie.

8- Glass print Cookie

All of our houses have those glasses with stylish bottom decorations. For this hack, we can finally use it! All you need to do is pick up the cup’s bottom and press it down into the cookie. Now you have exquisite biscuits that can be matched with exquisite and fashionable glasses!

9- Cookie Tag

Here, we have another creative cookie forming technique that allows you to have a shape that looks like a label! All you need to do is cut the cookie into a rectangle and then cut the cookie’s top corner to almost look like a house. Then take a straw and press it down to form a small hole between the two corners. Now you have a cookie tag!

10- Bowtie Cookie

Simple and chic! With this technique, all you have to do is cut the dough into the required rectangular size. Then gently pinch the sides together to form a bow tie appearance.


According to the cookie-elf, data, Americans consume more than 2 billion cookies every year, about 300 cookies per person! On average, they report that Americans eat 35,000 cookies in their lifetime! You can also make these cookies consume some extraordinary things!

Source: Youtube

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